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PRIMARY ART:  We teach Tae Kwon Do under the Song Mu Kwon style as our primary art.  This includes Forms, Sparring, One-Steps (Self-Defense), Breaking (boards and concrete blocks) and Basic Skills.  This is also used for development of balance, coordination, focus, and physical fitness.  We teach in the traditional way, focusing on precision and proper technique.   We are not a "Fighting School", that is to say that we do regularly spar but the classes are not built around this as the primary aspect of the Martial Arts. Sparring is important, but we believe Martial Arts is much more diverse than just one discipline / aspect..


SELF-DEFENSE: We teach that self-defense is more than just just fighting, it is an attitude.  We teach students to be mindful of their surroundings and how to avoid dangerous situations.  If one has to protect themselves, we teach the force and skills needed to diffuse the situation.  We don't want to be the judge, jury and executioner, but to use appropriate amount of technique and force to stop the attacker, especially in a school situation.  We use Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing and other arts to create a quick but highly effective means of protecting oneself and your loved ones.


FUN:  We believe that if you aren't having some fun, you are not doing it right!  You are with like-minded people, studying an art that a relatively small percentage of the population has attempted to master.  We work hard but do spend time having fun activities that actually reinforce skills taught in class.


PROMOTIONS:  We are not a "Buy a Belt" school, that is, we only have 3 promotions per year and the students have to demonstrate the skills taught at each level to be awarded the next level.  Skills included Basic Techniques, Forms, Self Defense, Sparring, and Breaking.  We also believe that earning rank is not a race; each student is encouraged to move at their own pace.  We are not competing with one another; the study of Martial Arts is more about personal improvement.  It is more important for a student to strive to improve on even one aspect of one skill per class that to try to better than someone else.   Promotions will be scheduled on the calender and reminders will be given to the students in advance of each occurrence.


LIVING THE MARTIAL WAY:  We teach that the Martial Arts are applicable to all aspects of life.  School, work, and home life are all made better through the study of Martial Arts.  We have had many parents tell us that their students do better in class, are more respectful at home and school, and are able to apply the discipline and focus learned in class to help make them better citizens.