The Instructors


Junior Master Ken Humphries, 4th Dan


Junior Master Humphries has been studying Martial Arts for over 35 years.  He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he developed much of his discipline and teaching style.  He has trained and been awarded senior belts in a number of Martial Arts.  Currently a 4th Dan (Junior Master) in Tae Kwan Do, he is the senior instructor and co-owner of the school. He is currently scheduled to promote to Master in 2016. An engineer by trade, he is also an ordained Christian minister.


Mr. Jason Humphries, 3rd Dan



Mr. Humphries has over 16 years in Martial Arts instruction. He is a Personal Banker for Fifth Third Bank.  He has experience in both Boxing Tournaments (2-0) and Martial Arts Tournaments (3-1). Currently a 3rd Dan Blackbelt, he is scheduled to promote to Junior Master in 2015.  He is an excellent instructor and co-owner of the school.  


Miss Jessica Humphries, 1st Dan



Miss Humphries has studied Martial Arts for about 13 years.  Due to work and school she took several years off and has recently returned to us.  She will be promoting to 2nd Dan in early 2015.  She has excellent skills and is an inspiring instructor.


Mr. Will Temple, 1st Dan



Mr. Temple has about 9 years of instruction in the Martial Arts. Coming to us as a child, Mr. Temple has matured to a fine young man before our eyes.  He has developed great skills and is becoming a solid instructor, improving daily.  He will be available to promote to 2nd Dan in 2016.


The Masters


Master Lenard Menis, 7th Dan



Master Menis earned his Master's placement under Grand Master I.K. Kim (9th Dan) and serves as the Senior Master over both Morning Calm Martial Arts Academy and Tiger's Lair in South Eastern Cincinnati.  With over 40 years of Martial Arts Instruction, Master Menis brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to our organization. 



Master John Crone, 5th Dan



Master Crone, the founder of Morning Calm Martial Arts Academy, has been training and teaching Martial Arts for over 29 years.  He has an incredible ability to teach and relate Martial Arts to the whole person, bringing a unique perspective to our organization by starting his Martial Arts career as an adult.  He is an authority in a number of different aspects of Martial Training and has trained over 40 students to award them with their Black Belt.